Wednesday, 11 March 2015

From the scrapheap

 We all have that bag of scrap material (don't we?). My whole philosophy behind Love Betty is to use re-claimed fabrics and materials and I have a horror of consigning anything bigger than a postage stamp to the bin but what to do with the growing mountain of scrappage?

Small pieces can be put to good use in jewellery, brooches and earrings (if your fingers are dextrous enough).
The brooch below is constructed from two circles (1 x 3" diam and 1 x 4" diam). Run a loose running stitch around the circumference and draw in to form a neat puffed circle.
Put one circle on top of the other and fix with a contrasting button. Cut four 'leaves' and stitch neatly behind the circles. Add a brooch bar and ......

This cushion cover is made from scraps of 6 x 6 inch fabrics. Any toning colours (or clashing) and mixed weights and texture make for an interesting addition to sofas or chairs.
This cushion has a plain and simple envelope closure at the back so no need for fiddling about with zips or buttons.
Look for old upholstery sample books for an easy way to mix and tone fabrics.


 Scraps of 10 inch squares can make lovely glasses cases .
Take two squares and with RST (right sides together) sew up three sides leaving a short end open. Turn right way out.
Cut a piece of med weight wadding to fit inside. Carefully fold in the open end and sew up. Fold the whole thing lengthwise and topstitch around three sides leaving the top open.
Add Velcro or a popper to close and add some finery to suit your lifestyle!

Scrapheap? Not much on mine.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Jarretieres (hair garters)

 Having long hair I am always looking out for something new to decorate my unruly locks. I saw all the hair ties available at the moment made of elastic and was always wondering if I would be reaching for the scissors at the end of the day to remove them.
 For me hair decoration has to be practical as well as comfortable. I cannot bear all those hair ripping clips and barrettes so making my own seemed a good idea.
Hair garters were born.
I experimented with different fabrics and colours and found that I could make them up in sets of five in toning colours.

 Hair jarretiere's simply hold your hair up. You can wrap them around a bun leaving the 'tails' dangling down.

They look good in cottons or lace, silks or fleece.

They make excellent hair bands for ponytails and you can wrap one or two around a plait for a different look.
With the elastic encased in gentle fabric there are no tears at bedtime.
You can buy jarretieres from my Etsy shop - Love Betty - go on treat your hair.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Making a bread basket

Love Betty loves squares. Squares are not wiggly and do as they are told, mostly. A square can become anything and something, useful or just beautiful.

1)Take a 15" square of fabric, a 15" square of matching lining  and a 14" square of med weight wadding.
2)With RST sew around three sides of the main fabric and lining making a bag. Slip in the wadding and stitch the end closed. Topstitch all the way around the edge close to the seam.
3)Lay the square in front of you, right side down. Pick up the bottom right corner and fold to the opposite making a triangle. Pinch the right hand point and measure 3" away from the point, mark. Stitch straight down from mark, making a corner. (practice with a piece of paper until this makes sense!).
4)Stitch down all four corners and when you lay it down you will have 4 'ears' sticking out from each corner and a box in the middle. At this point you can either just add a ribbon to each corner of you can flatten the 'ear' out sideways and press against the corner of the bread basket, holding in place with a toning button.

Once the basic basket is mastered you can play around with it adding a 'lid' to keep the bread warm or make one in oilcloth for a bedroom/bathroom tidy

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

That's just cosy

Tea cosies, a thingy to keep the tea warm.
I have a knitting pattern dating back to my grandmothers needles  from the 1940's - lovely but tedious to knit.
Most cosies are reasonably boring and I wanted to vamp them up a bit.
I made a pattern measuring my 4-6 cup teapot...
I drew around a super large pizza pan and cut out 1 each of fabric/liner/wadding.
I then cut out a piece on each side, sort of ten past to twenty past on the clock but not all the way to the centre. These cut out pieces will allow for the handle and spout.
I stitched all the way around except one end, turned it to the right side, pushed in the wadding and closed the whole thing. A double row of stitching to make a channel around the tops to carry a long piece of ribbon with beads knotted on to stop the ribbon disappearing

I graded down to make a couple of 2-4 cup tea cosies and then...

Coffee pots need to keep warm as well.....

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A good a place to start as any

A  pair of slippers.
A pair of slippers can make a difference to anyone. Some keep our toes warm, some match our dubious nightwear and some just make us go "Oh yes" as we end the day outside.

These delights started life (as many things in Love Betty's life) as a sample from an upholstery book and a curtain.
A very simple design with added embellishments of a pull-on tab, an elasticated strap and a side butterfly embroidery. With added wadding between sole an inner make these as comfortable as they are individual.
The birthday recipient said "I absolutely love them".

Love Betty loves slippers but slippers are not the only thing......