Wednesday, 11 February 2015

That's just cosy

Tea cosies, a thingy to keep the tea warm.
I have a knitting pattern dating back to my grandmothers needles  from the 1940's - lovely but tedious to knit.
Most cosies are reasonably boring and I wanted to vamp them up a bit.
I made a pattern measuring my 4-6 cup teapot...
I drew around a super large pizza pan and cut out 1 each of fabric/liner/wadding.
I then cut out a piece on each side, sort of ten past to twenty past on the clock but not all the way to the centre. These cut out pieces will allow for the handle and spout.
I stitched all the way around except one end, turned it to the right side, pushed in the wadding and closed the whole thing. A double row of stitching to make a channel around the tops to carry a long piece of ribbon with beads knotted on to stop the ribbon disappearing

I graded down to make a couple of 2-4 cup tea cosies and then...

Coffee pots need to keep warm as well.....

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