Monday, 23 February 2015

Jarretieres (hair garters)

 Having long hair I am always looking out for something new to decorate my unruly locks. I saw all the hair ties available at the moment made of elastic and was always wondering if I would be reaching for the scissors at the end of the day to remove them.
 For me hair decoration has to be practical as well as comfortable. I cannot bear all those hair ripping clips and barrettes so making my own seemed a good idea.
Hair garters were born.
I experimented with different fabrics and colours and found that I could make them up in sets of five in toning colours.

 Hair jarretiere's simply hold your hair up. You can wrap them around a bun leaving the 'tails' dangling down.

They look good in cottons or lace, silks or fleece.

They make excellent hair bands for ponytails and you can wrap one or two around a plait for a different look.
With the elastic encased in gentle fabric there are no tears at bedtime.
You can buy jarretieres from my Etsy shop - Love Betty - go on treat your hair.

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