Thursday, 12 February 2015

Making a bread basket

Love Betty loves squares. Squares are not wiggly and do as they are told, mostly. A square can become anything and something, useful or just beautiful.

1)Take a 15" square of fabric, a 15" square of matching lining  and a 14" square of med weight wadding.
2)With RST sew around three sides of the main fabric and lining making a bag. Slip in the wadding and stitch the end closed. Topstitch all the way around the edge close to the seam.
3)Lay the square in front of you, right side down. Pick up the bottom right corner and fold to the opposite making a triangle. Pinch the right hand point and measure 3" away from the point, mark. Stitch straight down from mark, making a corner. (practice with a piece of paper until this makes sense!).
4)Stitch down all four corners and when you lay it down you will have 4 'ears' sticking out from each corner and a box in the middle. At this point you can either just add a ribbon to each corner of you can flatten the 'ear' out sideways and press against the corner of the bread basket, holding in place with a toning button.

Once the basic basket is mastered you can play around with it adding a 'lid' to keep the bread warm or make one in oilcloth for a bedroom/bathroom tidy

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